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Job sites and temp agencies are the worst. We know, we've been there.  Sign-up, set up your profile and start accepting gigs in your area. No need for invoicing, no need to worry about declaring taxes. Workbee has you covered. 

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Workbee will match your skills to businesses who need help on-demand. You just sit back and wait for the notifications to come in. Express your interest in roles by letting us know that you're interested and available.

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The workbee platform takes care of all administration, insurance, taxes and payments so you don't have to.

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160 and 230 kr / hour*

*Includes employee accident insurance, 12% vacation pay and between 10,21% to 31.42% in social security contributions as standard. All payments are subject to income tax in Sweden and is applied at a rate of 30%. Talent always earn more than minimum wage or industry average.

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