Frequently Asked Questions

See below for answers to some common questions that we get asked. If you have any more, please feel free to reach out via the email address at the bottom of the page.

Will I be insured while carrying out a job via workbee?

Simple answer, Yes!

Once you have accepted an assignment via workbee, you are insured against accidents at all times for your assignment and while travelling to and from the assignment.

What is included in the hourly wage amounts mentioned above?

We always pay more than the standard industry minimum wage, and we have built in an industry standard vacation contribution of 12%. You will be paid on an hourly basis. Income taxes at a rate of 30% will be deducted from your pay and paid to Skatteverket on your behalf. Please note that OB time is not included as you choose your own working hours and decide whether you are in a comfortable position to do so. 

Who handles taxes and all that headache?

We do. We pay social security contributions and employer contributions on your behalf, as well as state pension contributions. We also pay income tax on your behalf at a standard rate of 30%.

How and when will I get paid for the work that I have carried out via workbee?

You will be paid on the 25th of the proceeding month for the hours that you have worked. If the 25th falls on a weekend or public holiday, you will be paid on the Friday before. 

However, sometimes it's nice to have cash immediately, right?! You will soon also have the opportunity to request immediate payment instead of waiting. In this case you will pay a small premium for this service. 

Do I need to invoice businesses for the work that I carried out via workbee? 

Nope. The workbee platform takes care of that for you.

Who is my employer while I carry out work via workbee?

You will be employed by our payments partner Gigapay Group AB while your assignment is in progress. Immediately after the assignment, your employment ends.

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