General Terms of Employment

Last updated: 19 July 2022

Why and who?

This document outlines Workbee's generalized terms of employment, or "Code of Conduct" directed at Users ("you") performing Mediated Services though Workbee AB, registration number 559316-5656, ("Workbee", "we"). 

Please also read the general terms and conditions carefully. (/en/terms-conditions)


General Rules & Best Practices 

Each individual business or organizer will have separate rules and procedures. Please read the business’s/organizer's own employee guidelines, policies and code of conduct.

  • Be on time. When late, contact the organizer as soon as possible through the Notify Organizer tab on the Event’s page.
  • If you are unable to work due to sickness or any other reason, contact the organizer as soon as possible through the Notify Organizer tab on the Event’s page.
  • When directed to do so, use the appropriate staff entrance as directed by the organizer.
  • If given an employee manual, please read and follow all rules and procedures.
  • In case of injury sustained while working, immediately inform the organizer and contact us at
  • Follow the business’s instructions for lunch breaks and rest, and only use the designated personnel areas for all breaks if directed to do so.
  • Record the correct hours worked by declaring that you are running late, and when you leave the event early, via the Notify Organizer tab on the Event’s page. Any discrepancies in hours worked between the Talent User and the business have to be resolved between the two parties.
  • Provide our payments partner Gigapay with your correct bank account details in order to receive payment for the hours worked. Workbee takes no responsibility for wages paid to incorrect bank accounts.
  • Talent Users may not store or transport the cash of Businesses, nor are they responsible for locking or alarming the premises in which the Business User conducts business. In the event that Talent Users are requested to perform such a task, Workbee AB holds no liability for damage or other loss thereby incurred by the Business User.
  • If a Talent User has agreed to perform a Mediated Service and is more than 60 minutes late to perform the Mediated Service at the agreed upon location, the Gig will be cancelled for that Talent User. The Business User shall not be billed for the Mediated Service of that Talent User and the Talent User shall not be compensated for the Mediated Service.
  • If a Talent User does not show up for the performance of a Mediated Service or does not show up according to the agreed time and without notification, we may close the Talent User’s account.
  • If a Talent User’s cancellations, where the Talent User has been the cancelling party, exceeds a figure of 5% of Gigs accepted during the last rolling 60 days, the Talent User's profile may be examined which may lead to a temporary suspension of the Talent User’s account.
  • As only an intermediary of services, we do not undertake and/or engage in resolving any disputes between Business Users and Talent Users. Any disputes must therefore be resolved directly between Users, without our involvement. Business Users reserve the right to adjust and attest to the hours worked by the Talent User up to 12 hours after Gig completion. The Talent User has 10 days from Gig completion to contact the Business User if they disagree over hours worked and attested. If disputes are left unresolved, please contact for further assistance.   

Health, Hygiene and Safety 

  • You should be healthy and not feeling sick when performing a Mediated Service through Workbee.
  • You should follow the business’s fire & safety procedures. It is your responsibility to seek this information with the organizer.
  • Do not handle machinery that you do not have proper training in.
  • Have good personal hygiene and come to work clean.
  • Take extra care of personal hygiene during your shift, washing your hands regularly especially when visiting the toilet, entering the kitchen, working in the kitchen, handling certain chemicals and cleaning products, handling trash and waste, after breaks, before and after handling food, and before handling eating utensils, dishes and kitchen equipment.


Uniforms & Materials

  • Follow the business’s uniform policy if directed to do so. If the uniform is provided by the business, make sure you present yourself to work in the correct clean uniform. If a uniform is not provided, follow the organizer’s instructions concerning what wear during your shift.
  • Any costs incurred in buying materials and uniform items such as shoes, shirts or anything else that the business instructs are needed, as part of the uniform or in terms of materials, will not be reimbursed by Workbee.
  • Upon completion of the Gig, the Talent User shall without delay return materials provided, such as keys, ID cards, and any other equipment provided by the Event organizer. Workbee reserves the right to withhold payment for Mitigated Services rendered if the Talent User does not comply with this policy.


Alcohol & Drug Policy 

To ensure a safe and secure workplace for all staff, Workbee has zero-tolerance for drugs and alcohol during working hours. 


  • It is strictly forbidden to use or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during working hours.
  • If the Talent User is suspected of being intoxicated or under the influence of drugs during working hours, the person in question will be sent home immediately without pay.
  • The person in question may also lose all of their compensation for that day and the person's user account may be terminated immediately if intoxication or drug influence can be proven.
  • In case of suspicion of intoxication, the employee may be required to carry out an alcohol test to assess whether intoxication can be proven. In the event of a positive test result, the agreement between the Talent User and the Business is terminated immediately and the salary for that day is not paid. Furthermore, the Talent User’s account shall be either deleted or deactivated for a period of time.
  • To use and poses drug-classified material without a medical statement is a crime according to Swedish law and a report to the Swedish authorities.

Meals & Breaks

  • Breaks and scheduled rests are arranged and communicated between the Talent User and the Business User. Workbee does not factor in scheduled breaks and rests in the payment of, and reimbursement for, Mitigated Services ordered and rendered via the platform. Talent Users are entitled to paid 30 minutes rest every 6 hours worked according to applicable law.
  • Meals are arranged and communicated between the Talent User and Business User (Event organizer). Workbee does not bill extra or make cost deductions on either the Talent User or Business User’s behalf for meals provided.